Celestial Dream Visions

Spirit Life : Above and Below

My Holy Grael Quest ........ For Glory and the Star of God-dess

Since a supernatural meeting with a 'spirit nun' in a Uniting church around 1993, where I stepped into another dimension, I have become aware of her and people from biblical times, from humanety's history and celestial beings as my daily over-shadowers and my constant spirit teachers and companions. The nun later in dreams revealed herself as my twin flame and as my wife in my previous life to this one, including many of her other incarnate and celestial aspects, two of her celestial aspects being as the URSA-BEAR Goddess ( Bearer of Knowledge and Wisdom), and also as COMA (CO-MA-RIAH) BERENICES (Bringer of Victory). "She'' along the way revealed and showed me her Shekina-Heart M-essi-er which is the Universe or Kingdom of the Et-ernal Heart : the pri-mary light and life source or emanative principle known as P-aradise I-sle of God-dess (ie Mother-Father God). 


That same night I began having nightly dreams and out of body experiences, meeting in various 'episodes' beings who revealed to me many of their significant past lives recorded in history, included those lives in which I had become a part of history and had been their companions. It was initially difficult to accept and understand the concept of soul fragments of a higher spirit self having many physical incarnations, as this went against most orthodox religious teaching about our purpose on earth as sinful beings and possible damnation in H-ell. In my dreams I also travelled to different galaxies and messiers, even seeing myself as an angelic being in the G-ra-el-m, the hub of the Great Central Sun : San-Gra-Dal  Universe ; the Kingdom and domain of Vir-Gen-esis, or Paradise as the Heart H-ome (Vesta) of our divine celestial Mother-Father as the St-one : Holy One-ness (the Trinity of Trinities). Now I understand the real meaning of the Trinity as the Logos-Word expressed as 'God-dess' or One-ness; the androgeny we know also as the Source who are the dual creators of the Holy Spirit Empire or the Heart of the "Big Ban-g" : Al-fa K-ingdom.






NIS-ROCH is an ancient BABYLONIAN name literally meaning the 'Great Eagle St-One' ( the Saint-Holy Rock of Ages). It should be remembered that in olden times words were written from right to left, so NIS can also be read as SIN.

From ages gone by the word SIN or SIEN (as in MT SIN-AI , The Holy Mtn) meant S-AIN-T , but was corrupted by religion to have the negative connotation as meaning SINFUL, unholy or  impure. The syllable hebrew word AIN ( or EN) also means FOR-EVER, ETERNALLY. So rather than humans being born already in sin, we are ALL actually forever born as HOLY BEINGS of the Holy Spirit, ie Mother-Father God-dess. Just shows how religion has corrupted the true meaning of the gospels to label all humanity as sinful beings.

From the hebrew words TAV-YESOD is derived the gaelic name TAV-Y meaning DAVID. 

AVELON is also known by many alternative names, eg PETRA(Stone) Isle VESTA (HEARTH) from TA-V-ES-TA. 












I have, during my quest learnt that I have had some famous and religious incarnations in past history and in biblical texts, as well as many very ordinary lives. However this life is the culmination of my Hu-man (God-m-an) existances in the 3rd dimension space of the duality of creation. My spiritual reawakening and divine revelations have been the pinnacle point of this life's achievement and divine purpose : my mission to reconnect with the regal realm of God-dess, for we all are seeds of the Y.R.Am Realm - Ver.gen.esis.

This is the ultimate and absolute purpose of every being in their soul's spiritual journey and Evol-ution from one life to another: an experience of the myriad facets of Love and its divine alter-ego aspects. One without the other is like day without the night, heat with out the cold, sorrow without joy, loneliness without companionship.

These dualities are our experiences and divine lessons in our many soul lives - the evolutionary path of all incarnate spirits over millions of light years. We are now nearing the peak of another Alpha-Omega cycle of spiritual ascencion - the Path to the Kingdom of  God-dess. In ancient egyptian times it was euphemistically refered to as the dwelling place of the Eye of Horus or KheRwty - the solar lion-ess kingdom. It was subsequently interpreted as Khrw, meaning Christ kingdom of the Regal  Ram-Kriosphinx embeded in the word P-yram-id and Mary: in hebrew spelt as Eh-Y-Eh (EYE) meaning "I AM".  Also the Hieracos-sphinx reveal the Haw-K-ingdom of God and one of his names a YAH-K-WAH, later depicted as the arthurian Merlin or Wi-z-ard, which mystically means the Wisdom Star.  


I am " B-EL-YES " of the Gobel-Chalice for whom the Liberty Bell tolls, also known as St Bridget, High Priestess of the Genet St-ar-yes, or FLE-UR D-EL-IS of Divinity,

Celestial daughter  Coma Berenices, Andarta the  Bear Goddess of God-dess Ver-gen-Isis

The Eucharist Plate is the heavenly  kingdom and messier realm of the Divinity Chalice Isle. It is also represented as the Aureole, Vesica Piscis, and is also the celestial "Flowering Field" of her aspect known as "Ardath Lil" in ancient texts. In old european cultures/traditions it was symbolised by a garland or crown of flowers during spring, Beltaine, or durings the summer solstice, as St John's Day. Such festivities marked the end of the harvest season and as a thanks-giving occassion. They were also a petition  asking Mother Earth for a bountiful and prosperous season in the next cycle of the wheel of life. These Pagan - earth people lived in close harmony with nature. Many of their traditions and renowned persons or saints  have been embedded later in christian dogma, but with little reverence  for nature and the earthly fruits of Divinity, as practiced by the wise elders in past history.


" MA-ST-AR-Y "



I have now been a celestial spirit traveller and visionary for the last 17 years, and have been given the 'Foundation Keys to the Kingdom' (Malkut-Kether-Yesod), to understand the secrets and hidden meanings of biblical texts, astronomy names as keys for the way to the Star of Divinity and the mysteries of the trinity pyramids, as well as seeing my own celestial life in the world of spirit at the Alpha Omega Point. My quest has reunited me with my celestial bride, symbolised as the Star of David + the Fleur D'elys which are at the heart of El-sha-ddai , or as Shachan d'elys (Residence of God-dess) which is the ema-native principality of all life (Dai-lam-en). It is also the realm of the logos, Emunah. Emunah generally means Faith, but has the esoteric meaning of "All that is, is God : there is nothing that is not God ". The word Emun-ah has passed down into english as Numen meaning Divinity and related to the word Am-en : "I am En-dless".



These dreams visits are primarily to angelic/spiritual realms from which we get the words ' ali-en or E-T ' which actual means Alpha-Omega in hebrew and also refers to the holy spirit beings or 'etherians'. These ET's are also our actual highest spirit aspects as our trinitised selves, also called masters or angelic guides. These title are acronyms, indicating their origin from Sher-an,the G-ra-el Realm and the Ma-nger-star. We have shunned or viewd them as demonic or evil, based on fear and ignorance, embeded in views perpetuated from mythology into religious propaganda. The Book of Revelations prophesised their coming, with the ascension of earth into a higher state of spiritual awareness which would reveal the truth about our heritige from the stars and our true closeness and One-ness with the God-dess spiritual realms of higher creation and an understanding of the meaning of the Evol-ution of Love, symbolised as the Rose of God-dess (Ge-ros-el-am : je-star-o-sela-m). 

My function on earth is not to externalise my celestial abilities/work of the spiritual "Regal Ra-el-m" as that is performed by my 'God-I-AM' eternal spirit-self, with my twin flame and bride, as part of the Cosmic Council of Light, formerly known as the Great White Brotherhood. I also meet people from earth in the spirit realm during sleep/dreams for soul advancement or just as old soul friends in the eternal community of light. Some refer to me as "one who knows" or "beloved". In God's time I will be returning to paradise, to the Inn of Heaven where I eternally reside with my bride/sister as a 'trinitised couple' and also as 2 of the 4 pillars or a diamond with God-dess, in ever lasting unfettered freedom and joy within the Cosmos that is our playground and creation.

My work in the para-normal is primarily involved in spiritual activities associated with those beings who subconsciously desire to reach the Alfa-Omega (Aleph-Tav) point of creation with the help of present and future spirit guides, by the graphics that I present here based on astronomy, history and human endeavours. This Zeroth (Ro-ze) Point is also penned as the "fortunate" isle of God-dess, known in celtic folklore as 'Ave-lon' or the Apple Isle or Paradise, Utopia, Petra Vesta, Sheran , Havona, Dalamatia, Genesis, Paradise, Stone of Salvation, etc.

There are many paths in life, but the path of spiritual questing leads to the regal heart world of the Logos - the heavenly chalice of all life - paradise, also symbolised by the trinity flames of the triquetra, the triangle or three circles. The world of Paradise is also the realm of true divine alchemy and magic, the land of the cosmic shepherds, guides and teachers. The "Wheel of Fortune" is the Sombrero Hat Messier, M104 in the Bowl of Virgo, also known as the Great Central Sun (not Son), as Aten (Sun disc), or as the Shekinah or Melkizadek Universe, or simply the Kingdom of God-dess..... our Vir-Go-D-estiny.


My graphics relate to this celestial Heart-H-ome with words/anagrams that reveal codes embedded in astronomy, scriptures, earth sites, civilisation artifacts and languages. Many words are combinations of english, hebrew, egyptian, greek/coptic, latin, french, celtic, germanic and a scattering of other european languages. Reading the mirror images of many words/syllables and phrases often provides the link as alternate meanings of the original texts/objects to the names or identity of celestial beings and celestial meaning of Genesis/Genet in the Pyramid of Life; also reveal the hidden meanings and spiritual insight into the 'WORD' or LO-GOS-PEL and the Origin-Source of the word CHRIST from the word RAM, as in MAR-Y. Those familiar with Torah/kabballah and aramaic/greek biblical words will see and understand the connection between 'Ra-m aryes-od' and the word 'Kri-o-st-one' : The Holy Foundation Stone -The Heart of Creation.


 Take Care ....."Car-dia ..... E-ternel Heart "                                     John (Janis) ..... Son of the  " W-ave ..... "W-ord  Ave-lon" 


Reflections on Spiritual Journey

From my early childhood I used to experience some paranormal phenomena which over time became forgotten. It was not until I reconnected with my celestial friends/family in my early 50's that it became a part of my daily life. When this 'doorway' was reopened to me by 'them' I became overwhelmed, excited, and filled with a passion to find answers about the Meaning of God: the Absolute and Eternal Truth. From the beginning 'God and God-dess' told me I would be going on a 'Grand Journey'.

This was not a physical tour but one of self spiritual discovery. I learnt many hard lessons in the process about the meaning of fear, discernment, ego, etc, with the echoing words 'Just be yourself'. I have also learnt in that process that in a paradoxical way I have not learnt much at all, for all that I now know - I always new, but at the superconscious spirit level. My subsequent years of research, reading and studies associated with this journey was only a foundation to accessing higher unwritten and hidden spiritual revelations. This is often referred to as accessing the Akashic records of creation.

Furthermore, all the paranormal issues we now often discuss, as mystical or unexplained, is all part of our Wholeness as members of the cosmic/spiritual race of divine beings. In many ways we are still like children, exploring a new wonderland of possibilities and probabilities which will eventually materialise into our reality, but not necessarily based on our 3rd understanding account of history. Our knowledge is based on muddled history and facts intermingled with beliefs and concepts sometimes based on archaic myths and distortions suited to the times by religious factions who strove to dominate kingdoms under the guise of messengers appointed by divinity or as their divine right. As divinity guided me in my quest, they also echoed the words  and supporting revelations that  'many earthly truths are only transitory, but divine revelation and science is the eternal truth'.


I am still the same physical person with the normal attributes of aging. My life style is still the same, as is my socio-economic situation. I have not become rich or prosperous or 'flown' off to heaven. However my understanding of my reason for life has been totally altered, and with the knowingness that after this life my true prosperity will be in the spiritual realm with God-dess and my twin flame; not some reward in this physical realm which can never be carried into the afterlife, for all 'baggage' is left behind which is subject to recycling, renewal, or bestowal to later generations.